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I feel like Uzbekistan is capable of so much more than how they are doing right now. Most likely, they are capable because are a really good team.Despite the loss to Jordan a couple of days ago, they can still recuperate and get back on their feet. I am ashamed of Anzur Ismailov and the own-goal nitwit that made Uzbekistan stay in third place in Group A with a 4-2-2 ratio.I also know there are certain Uzbek footballers in the squad who always uplift the nation and help their team get back on their feet. Those people are:Server Djeparov Odil Ahmedov Ulugbek BakayevAlexander GeynrikhThis is their second time actually they lose their match that will make them stay eliminated. The first time was against Bahrain back in 2005. And now, against Jordan.I am sad. I really am.I hope any of the players watch this video, especially Ahmedov and Djeparov. I want to tell them how I feel about this. Just know if you guys ever watch this, just know that I still believe in you guys. Take your team through more victories once again. You guys deserve better!Hope you guys make it in 2018. I know you can. You will!Please, Ahmedov and Djeparov! Guide your team to victory!\m/

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