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SORRY I'VE BEEN GONE GUYS. School took up my life, and even though now I'm on vacation, some stuff happened in real life that took me away from youtube. (I'll be making a vid about this later on).YES. I'M SO LATE, CUZ THIS VID TAKES PLACE DURING THE EVAC *is shot* but I'm gonna try to be more up to date with my vids o.e. IT TAKES PLACE RIGHT AFTER KATE'S AMAZING VID: So right, storyline *cough*So Omar finds Dem crying, and attempts to cheer her up. He's not used to seeing Dem all crying and what not, so he tries his best to cheer her up, giving her flowers and what not. He acts goofy (like, the nice kind of goofy. He's not even insulting anyone for once o.o) and they talk, actually not arguing. At the end, Demona thanks Omar for cheering her up, but then Omar immediately feels guilty because...well...he's shagging Holli. Pffft. XDBUT RIGHT. I HAVE OTHER VIDS I'M WORKING ON. Next vid comin' out will be that TDGW vid I owe Iris o_o WHICH IS ALMOST FINISHED, BTW. I GOTCHU. And um, yeah. Hi guys. XDSong: Innocence by Avril LavigneFootage: Rock and Rule, Aladdin
nancy # 7 мая 2014 в 23:44 0
Rock & Rule though I think its the original movies because theres another movie
matt # 7 мая 2014 в 23:44 0
What my movie is Omar from?
walkerar # 7 мая 2014 в 23:46 0
aww omar and jasmine are so cute, when i saw this vid i about cried
lunalove # 7 мая 2014 в 23:47 0
i love how all this characters have such feeling....demona and even omar..at first i thought they were both jerks and now I love them...I love everyone from TAR. I don't think Omar is bad for cheating...hes just confused.
xworldap # 7 мая 2014 в 23:47 0
D'awwwww, this video was so sweet!
flashaka # 7 мая 2014 в 23:47 0
Gaaaahaha, they're sweet deep inside. VEEEEEEEERY deep inside xD
ythelady # 7 мая 2014 в 23:48 0
@LithonielPwnz -squishes- I'm glad
lithonie # 7 мая 2014 в 23:48 0
@YTheLadyButlerY Thanks hun that means a lot :)
ythelady # 7 мая 2014 в 23:50 0
Aww Omar. This is so SWEET
saudathe # 7 мая 2014 в 23:52 0
lithonie # 7 мая 2014 в 23:53 0
@ayameazureha786 Thanks so much! :)
lithonie # 7 мая 2014 в 23:53 0
@AreYouNormalBass GRACE BBY I MISH YOU. And it's not horrible what's happening, it's just involving a friend :(, and my school work went well, thanks for asking :). Hope everything's cool with you!
angelofm # 7 мая 2014 в 23:53 0
Aw, this is so cute! I love it!
areyou # 7 мая 2014 в 23:54 0
So sweet! You portrayed his character so well despite him being SO DIFFICULT TO USE. XD I really hope you get through this stuff in your life and all your school work went okay!
ayameazu # 7 мая 2014 в 23:56 0
I had that same problem honestly. I hope evrything gets better for you!
reynedro # 7 мая 2014 в 23:57 0
@LithonielPwnz going to add you now~ i ish also making a TDGW video~ more people for esme to meet and clash with woot woot.
lithonie # 7 мая 2014 в 23:58 0
@puppyeyes92 OMFG I MISSED YOU TOOO!! *huggles* DD: yes yes my msn o_o it's lithonielpwnz(at)hotmail(dot)com YES MOAR MSN FRAANDZ FO' MEE MWAHAHA. and yes, i feel weird just for editing omar being sweet. he has so few clips for that. o.o
reynedro # 7 мая 2014 в 23:59 0
YAAAYYY /TACKLES HUGS OMG I MISSED YOU I NEED YOUR MSN TOO /CUDDLE Oh right. ahem this video is so sweet ;A; and cute. its weird seeing omar act...sweet for once. but i love it. XD