Stalingrad 2013 trailer - Сталинград (2013) ТРЕЙЛЕР HD кино 2013 худ фильм сталинград 2013 смотреть онлайн бесплатно Bojalar kindiy

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Бюджет - $30 000 000 «Сталинград» — полнометражный художественный фильм российского производства. Впервые в России снимается полностью по технологии IMAX 3D. Премьера фильма предположительно состоится в Волгограде в октябре 2013 года.Премьера: 2013 г.Режиссер: Фёдор Сергеевич БондарчукПродюсер: Александр Ефимович РоднянскийАктерский состав: Томас КречманЖанры: Военный фильм, Боевик, Драма
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leszek29 # 28 апреля 2013 в 04:29 0
Let the hate never again broke out
mostpopu # 28 апреля 2013 в 08:20 0
Sucker punch detected
germanic # 28 апреля 2013 в 08:43 0
what no jude law
schnabby # 28 апреля 2013 в 09:39 0
If this is as good as the film Downfall then it will be excellent...unfortunately it looks too much like 300 stylistically.
zequez # 28 апреля 2013 в 16:43 0
Up until "Directed by" I really didn't know if it was a movie or a videogame. The line is really blurring lately.
jbentley # 28 апреля 2013 в 21:59 0
Band of Brothers + 300 =
flapjack # 28 апреля 2013 в 22:50 0
Just enjoy the film dont talk about the historySomeone know the song?
thesovie # 29 апреля 2013 в 00:16 0
Why always hate an army? just be neutral and enjoy the awesomenes Of both sides.
snorre # 29 апреля 2013 в 00:43 0
this movie will probably be quite medocore..
crniwuk # 29 апреля 2013 в 18:22 0
want to see a great movie? Watch the old German version of Stalingrad.
pepsi # 29 апреля 2013 в 22:19 0
Your truth. In Russia this film also does not inspire confidence. but sometimes war movies are successful:Brestskaya krepost (2010) watch?v=3q2w0IWdNmEOlimpius Inferno (2009) watch?v=7aOodLPmVJM
depredad # 30 апреля 2013 в 09:25 0
Most decent looking trailer ive seen from all this cheap and bullshitty futuristic fantasy crap going out nowdays
connivin # 30 апреля 2013 в 20:53 0
This movie doesn't have shit on Stalingrad 1993.
ilya # 30 апреля 2013 в 23:08 0
So watching it! When is it out?
pepsi # 1 мая 2013 в 06:37 0
It's all a myth - greetings from Uncle Goebbels. Cases of rape were, including the United States. But mass nebilo. In the Soviet Army for that shot. A new wave of books went to the myth of German feminists.+Cold War. These "historians" claim that was raped by 10 to 90 percent of German women. 10-90!? It's either yes or no... They do not know. The Soviet army, together with the Allies stopped the massacres in the face of fascism, the price of his own blood, and you are a disgrace to this victory.
jason # 1 мая 2013 в 21:41 0
Oh wow, are you ignorant or something? look up the rape of Germany, you will find many MANY sites that have documented that millions of German women where raped, ALL AGES. This is not just it, also freed women from prison camps that were POW's where also raped by this undisciplined force. Germany should have won, they where a glorious nation before the Russian Dicktator Stalin tried to spread that communist bullshit throughout Europe.
pepsi # 2 мая 2013 в 05:44 0
As I said, the only one! this is the source of data on abortion clinics in Berlin. However, this is not an argument for one simple reason - March 28, 1945 Martin Bormann issued a decree allowing abortion in the event that a German state that was raped by a foreign soldier. Most interestingly, who declared wrote that suffered from violence, later described the attackers as Asians or blacks (hello America) ...
pepsi # 3 мая 2013 в 15:34 0
The Germans were officially allowed to rob and kill.
pepsi # 3 мая 2013 в 18:55 0
You are silent about the sexual exploits of Americans in Asia and Europe. Signalman Edward Wise wrote: "After moving to Oberhunden. Colored boys staged here God knows what. They set fire to the house, cut everybody Germans razors and raped. "Victims were not only Germans. Thomas Bailey noted that even with women living in Paris, American soldiers often behaved ... A Moroccan part of the "Free French" have become the scourge of the Italian occupied territories ... The same goes for the English.
pepsi # 3 мая 2013 в 19:39 0
My Nazi friend, you ask me, why did it all have started against the Soviet Union? During the period of strained relations with the Soviet Union that ignited the "cold war" struggle for the sympathies of the Germans was the actual problem. Which largely resulted from the transition of Americans "Morgenthau Plan" to the "Marshall Plan", providing faster economic development of Germany and the change in attitude towards its people.
jason # 4 мая 2013 в 18:03 0
You talk a lot and my comments get down voted so i'll keep it short. Germany knew of the threat of Russia and the allies would not see until the end of WW2 then came the cold war, fortunately threat of nuclear war prevented Russia from taking over all of Europe. The economic destruction of Germany was halted because the Juda finally got their Israel which was the whole point of WW2 in the first place. Hundreds of millions died because of Stalin, worst leader ever.
pepsi # 5 мая 2013 в 10:38 0
Stalin killed 100 million? Again, a joke? Soviet population was 100 million. Stalin was a terrible ruler, and his hands really killed a lot of people. During the years of repression, collectivisation in the camps from hunger and disease 10 to 15 million people died. But it does not give you the right to justify fascism. Learn the real story.
miller72 # 5 мая 2013 в 19:00 0
Can't we just agree that the Allies in a United effort won WWII
chris # 6 мая 2013 в 03:04 0
look good may have to go see it
sandleor # 6 мая 2013 в 08:36 0
what a wonderful world
tomeofba # 6 мая 2013 в 19:01 0
Close enough.
halo6534 # 7 мая 2013 в 06:31 0
I've been waiting years for a good movie based on the Battle of Stalingrad, because I'm a huge history buff. Especially anything to do with World war 2, and it looks like that day has finally come.
sascha # 7 мая 2013 в 18:25 0
cant wait to see ruskies burn D:
johndeak # 8 мая 2013 в 01:54 0
pfff I've been to all those places in Call of Duty 2
dimka171 # 8 мая 2013 в 12:24 0
Looks like a great flick for all the fellas arguing about who did what n who is right n wrong shut up n enjoy the movie you weren't there fighting you have no say regardless Russian,English,German,Japanes­e,British ect ect ect
miguel # 8 мая 2013 в 18:38 0
Columbia Pictures... I guess it will be
themonol # 8 мая 2013 в 19:04 0
This looks badass.
amaxorel # 8 мая 2013 в 22:23 0
dumbass... it's a russian movie
staycold # 9 мая 2013 в 03:36 0
Get the fuck out of here with this love bullshit. There wasn't no god damn romance happening during the fucking battle of Stalingrad you fucking hippie cunts.
leatherf # 10 мая 2013 в 05:59 0
Fuck russia pices of shit cant fight for shit
gotubeog # 10 мая 2013 в 12:02 0
ilichsta # 10 мая 2013 в 19:35 0
mini # 11 мая 2013 в 04:27 0
now this is the kinda movie I love to watch, not that bullshit: Twats Saga or the Hunger Fags.
theyouto # 12 мая 2013 в 13:06 0
>the pacific>love storyok, guy
usuryjsk # 12 мая 2013 в 17:57 0
Zajebista muzyka! :O
mexykani # 13 мая 2013 в 09:17 0
Song : Angelo Badalamenti What A Wonderful World
arthur # 13 мая 2013 в 19:41 0
Private firearms had every infantryman. Both of my great-grandfather and grandfather fought and I believe what they were saying. Not worth listening to counterfeiters, and try to "turn their brains" and at least get the information about the norms of production of weapons, supplies it to the troops and how was armed with Soviet infantry platoon. And then will say, "ha ha."
danny # 14 мая 2013 в 07:59 0
Attacking Russia was hitlers biggest mistake of the war...Russia had so much men in the armed forces and natural recourses..if he didn't attack Russia the war probably would have lasted longer or there would have been a different outcome.
christia # 14 мая 2013 в 16:50 0
Looks crappy...
simo4404 # 14 мая 2013 в 23:07 0
This movie looks sick! Can't wait. We need a new war movie that can reqlly shine!
cookedsu # 15 мая 2013 в 15:52 0
there is always time for a hot bath!!!!!!
jopaman1 # 15 мая 2013 в 18:33 0
i think this will win best foregin language film oscar at least
sean # 15 мая 2013 в 23:43 0
The United States took over 3.4 million German military prisoners on the western front. If that's "whats left" of the German Wehrmacht, I'd say Dday was a necessity and not a waste of life. Plus, if Russia was left to liberate Europe, they would have never let it go. Just like all those eastern block countries till '89. As an American, the truth of the matter is, if Japan didn't surrender to the US, Russia would have sunk the island of Japan. Figuratively speaking. They were more afraid of Russ
zimin # 16 мая 2013 в 17:44 0
The film will be released on 10 October 2013
iaminsan # 16 мая 2013 в 22:22 0
"Enemy at the Gates" is an anti-Russian propaganda, and from a historical point of view is absolutely untenable.
aktovegi # 17 мая 2013 в 03:41 0
I do not know what you americans is thinking, what general winter? That was a war during 4 yaers and russians won a lot of historical battles in summer too.. Btw in Kursk region near Prohorovka that was the biggest tank battle in history.. All the battles for belarus was in summer 300000 germans captivated.
gremmore # 17 мая 2013 в 05:28 0
Seems more education systems are broken here :) For those interested in a bit more history which they don't learn at school (specially US kids) check out the great documentary of Oliver Stone : The Untold History of the United States (and judge again the liked remakrs of above!)Every country has it's flaws.... i mean we have windmills and wooden shoes for g@d sake!! ;)
miloshmk # 17 мая 2013 в 18:49 0
For once can you guys stop the history debates(fights) and focus on the trailer/movie
shane # 17 мая 2013 в 20:23 0
Someone please tell me who is singing the song playing for this trailer
ingosnow # 18 мая 2013 в 05:16 0
chargerm # 18 мая 2013 в 09:06 0
how long did this battle last?
justin # 19 мая 2013 в 02:45 0
You idiot, France had already fallen to the Germans before the battle of Stalingrad took place and the USA hadn't invaded France yet. The Germans lost at Stalingrad because they were ill prepared and they were no match for the superior Soviet army who had finally redeemed itself after a terrible start to the war.Poor Germans better put they were forced to fight a war they didn't want to fight and were forced to commit atrocities by their commanders. Hitler was overzealous. Nuff said.
amaxorel # 19 мая 2013 в 03:46 0
General Winter was a factor, yes. But also the Soviets improved their combat tactics, and by the time of Stalingrad they were masters in urban warfare. The Germans were prepared for a blitzkrieg, not for urban warfare. Plus they didn't expect the Russians to resist the way they did.
brandon # 20 мая 2013 в 11:19 0
Will this be in theaters in the US?
amaxorel # 21 мая 2013 в 08:19 0
Not only the highest cost but they also inflicted the most casualties to the Germans....
prolfina # 21 мая 2013 в 15:03 0
Looks interesting, still all war movies are propaganda and do not tell the whole story, hell every movie is this way, name calling is not going to solve anything, everyone should just be happy were not under nazi rule right now.
baroncar # 22 мая 2013 в 00:07 0
The song is "What A Wonderful World" by Angelo Badalamenti. You won't find it because it's apart of the soundtrack.
amaxorel # 22 мая 2013 в 05:07 0
Those who don't learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.
mauro # 23 мая 2013 в 07:18 0
Songs Name????
mrrpgkil # 24 мая 2013 в 07:09 0
In the first 6 months of the war, USSR lost most of its supplies.So the US had to come in and save Russia from getting steamrolled, by providing over 450000 trucks in order to move Russian industry to the east. One of the greatest Russian generals himself said that they couldn't continue the war without US assistance.
amaxorel # 24 мая 2013 в 15:01 0
Pure lies. The supply lines weren't fully effective until December 1942. Meanwhile the Russians fought by themselves in Stalingrad and they beat the shit out of the Germans.
drvitoti # 25 мая 2013 в 13:16 0
Is that Muse doing a cover of A wonderful World? sounds like it.
harmande # 25 мая 2013 в 15:13 0
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ebenezer # 26 мая 2013 в 05:06 0
This was done only on $30,000,000. If it were done in the U.S., it would at least be double that.
guillaum # 27 мая 2013 в 11:33 0
So the entire movie is in slow motion? I kid. Looks awesome...
dxtermin # 27 мая 2013 в 17:39 0
"a dramatic love story against the backdrop of a grand battle." Sounds like a remake of Enemy at the Gates to me.source: The Wikipedia page.
bestfire # 28 мая 2013 в 01:15 0
Что вы несете тупые пендосы. От вас меньше всего толку было на войне , только под конец войны почти к нам присоединились , потому что поняли что мы выйграем
swei9707 # 28 мая 2013 в 04:23 0
wonderful world -background music
justin # 28 мая 2013 в 07:58 0
In my opinion this will be the best movie of the year. The name Stalingrad should replace D-day as the most important battle in the history of the world in American history books. Not that D-day wasn't importan, it simply wasn't as large or game changing of a battle as Stalingrad was. Stalingrad was Nazi Germany's first large defeat of the war. May we not forget all of the brave Allied soldiers from WWII, Soviets, Americans, British, and even Canadians alike.
mrbubbas # 28 мая 2013 в 14:59 0
Wait for the movie to come out before you call it the best movie of the year.
mrwaesel # 28 мая 2013 в 21:39 0
It's pretty cool of you to infer that all from a trailer. Pretty normal behavior, nothing Internet about that at all.
dmorg05 # 29 мая 2013 в 11:31 0
Very true. I would also add the almost 900 day Siege of Leningrad/Saint Petersburg as well as the battle of Kursk.D-day would have been impossible had the Soviets not decimated the Nazi war machine prior to the landings. By the time my country and others landed in Normandy, the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS were mortally wounded.And at the same time, western Allied aerial bombing crippled Hitler's ability to reinforce the eastern front.May we not forget the "greatest generation." :)
gotubeog # 29 мая 2013 в 12:55 0
dont forget Ethiopia!
xxmohxx2 # 31 мая 2013 в 02:09 0
At 0:32 I though it said Google on the map....
streakin # 31 мая 2013 в 17:45 0
The West was fighting the Japanese and bombing the factories that were supplying the Germans with more tanks and ammo to fight you. The West was also fighting in Africa and dismantling the Italian powers. Britain and the USA is why there wasn't much of a Luftwaffe left. Russia was also being supplied, via land lease, vehicles, especially fueling trucks, that allowed the Russian military to continue an advance. Crack open a history book before you trash the West.
streakin # 31 мая 2013 в 23:36 0
Very specifically, the Fuel trucks that were given to the USSR enabled them to continue to push as the USSR did not have the appropriate means to refuel their tanks especially on the run. The Allied Bombing campaign contained the Luftwaffe. At the time of the Normandy invasion, the Russians were still loosing soldiers 3 to 1. Nobody is discrediting the Russians as they lost the most men with horrible equipment, battle tactics, and incompetent leaderships. However, they did pull......
streakin # 1 июня 2013 в 06:18 0
Not to mention that the FUCKING USSR started the war with Germany by invading Poland with Germany.
ojkbo # 1 июня 2013 в 08:47 0
Actually, the German use of "Blitzkrieg" in Poland is highly debatable. Most historians argue the tactic was "Vernichtungsgedanke" which had been used by the German military for about two centuries by the time they invaded Poland
streakin # 2 июня 2013 в 04:37 0
So, the Russians invaded Poland. I love when people make up history as they go.
streakin # 3 июня 2013 в 02:36 0
So, they INVANDED Poland. Dude, no matter how you stack it, they invaded POLAND.
streakin # 3 июня 2013 в 10:19 0
And I agree with you. This argument started when some troll started bashing the West.
streakin # 3 июня 2013 в 18:50 0
LOL, not really, the Russians numerically were slaughtered in WWII. Had it not been for German factors being bombed, the Luftwaffe being destroyed, and Hitler being a dumb ass, the eastern front would have been a very different story.
mrbubbas # 4 июня 2013 в 11:40 0
The west was fighting the japs in 1942.
amaxorel # 4 июня 2013 в 13:04 0
This is total bullshit. There was not western front in 1942? Oh my.... american education system is really broken...
salonik2 # 4 июня 2013 в 23:30 0
Also UK and France which gave Czechslovakia and after the invasion of Poland did nothing besides declaring the war. And if you call Molotov-Ribbentrop pact collaboration you have no idea about strategic depth.
matt # 5 июня 2013 в 05:04 0
True, The soviets were as much our enemies as the Nazis were. But it was their forces who defeated the Nazis threat
gotubeog # 5 июня 2013 в 19:42 0
Not all Russians were Stalinists just like not all Germans were nazis.
maxnazar # 6 июня 2013 в 04:49 0
Complete strawman. As if Molotov-Ribbentrop negates inflicting 80% of Germany's casualties or bearing a death toll of 27 million. The USSR remains the driving force of Allied victory in WWII. And while we're at it, it seems in light of Russia's history of getting invaded and recent NATO expansionism, Stalin's goal of creating a buffer around the Soviet Union was countermodern but not completely insane. Only Western accounts of history conform to the "Russia the aggressor" paradigm.
maxnazar # 6 июня 2013 в 10:58 0
Another strawman argument, complete with ad hominem assumptions about my ethnic makeup. You're mistaken and it wouldn't change things if you weren't. The war against Germany took place mostly in Eastern Europe. That is not hyperbole. By "worked with" you mean signed a nonaggression pact. This was only after the USSR sought an alliance with Britain and France and was rebuffed; the British, like the Germans, thought the USSR was militarily weak after The Great Purge. They were wrong.
flea50 # 6 июня 2013 в 12:57 0
You are ignorant. If it wasn't for the west Germany would've pounded the USSR back into the stone age with the Luftwaffe. Both the West and the USSR played their roles in defeating Nazi Germany and to say it was all the USSR or all the West is pure idiocy. But what can you expect from Youtube?
mrgageha # 6 июня 2013 в 14:47 0
I can expect you to give the proper "you're" on youtube. Mr your an idiot..
mrcrowle # 6 июня 2013 в 17:49 0
the West was nowhere in 1942? OK, keep believing your distorted account of history. I don't think victory in 1945 would have been possible without the Soviet Union, hell probably not even victory in the 1940s at all. But by the same reasoning, I don't think victory would have been possible without the UK and Commonwealth either. Alas, none of this even matters as WWII would have played out very definitely if the UK or Soviet Union created a void on their respective fronts.
xheartth # 6 июня 2013 в 18:54 0
Well, I believe over 85% of the German forces were on the Eastern front, that being the Soviet Union....By 1945 Russia alreadly had won the war and the Western forces were not needed. DDay was a complete waste of life...
will # 6 июня 2013 в 18:57 0
You Sir are not a student of factual history. The glorious soviet union got man handled by Finland when Russia and Germany all buddy buddy together. If it wasn't for the United States sending Millions of tons of resources Russia would be nothing. The US fought in the Atlantic, pacific, Europe, Africa,Asia and American soil, While supporting all the Allies. I am sorry to say that Russia would throw millions of men to die would constitute a victory when the US won the war the strategic way.
pepsi # 7 июня 2013 в 04:55 0
And America entered the war, only to Europe was not awarded the USSR.
yildun28 # 7 июня 2013 в 22:37 0
Utter ignorance? You're arguing Japan surrendered because the USSR invaded one of their puppet states, and not because the United States was systematically laying waste to their homeland one air raid, with or without nukes, at a time.Whatever it takes to feel nationalistic at the expense of history bro.
jordan # 9 июня 2013 в 03:54 0
"That's the main reason why Japan surrendered." lol what
g9x16 # 9 июня 2013 в 11:27 0
I agree the Russians did pretty much do most of the work in the European theater, but the reason Japan surrendered was because we dropped two atomic bombs on them.
turnet47 # 9 июня 2013 в 12:30 0
because americans think they are the heroes and bullshit, just watch their movies, pure propaganda to their ignorant people
longmach # 10 июня 2013 в 05:32 0
How is it any different than any other country? Every country like to embellish on their history when it come to movies. You only call it propaganda because you dont' agree with the movies that wasn't even made for you in the first place. If Cuba made a movie about it relationship with the U.S you think they'll completely non bias? get a grip...
will # 11 июня 2013 в 00:25 0
I think it was the two Atomic bombs dropped that caused Japan surrender and the probable invasion of the homeland, and yes Russia did crush Kapan in Manchuria, also the Chinese they should of protected. My ignotance is that all the allies won the war. Your Ignorance is that russia did all the work.
headshot # 11 июня 2013 в 03:11 0
Aren't US, Canada, and South Asia the only places that won because the war never reached their home soil of course if another war broke out it would be a different story.
guarsdma # 11 июня 2013 в 03:19 0
I must disagree about that the Russians defeated Germany, they were only the first in Berlin. If there weren't bombing raids against German industry by US and UK and the re-opening of the western front by Allied invasions, Germany could send more troops and equipment to the eastern front and the outcome of the war would be a lot different.And I will point out that I don't advocating for Germany,since my country was after Austria the second country occupied by Germany after the Munich Betrayal.
ludocrat # 12 июня 2013 в 06:44 0
It's doing pretty well in China.
staycold # 12 июня 2013 в 11:20 0
O yes it can. The Russian's defeated Germany at Stalingrad. That battle alone decided Germany's fate.
cjkologe # 12 июня 2013 в 12:18 0
thats bullshit
adrian12 # 12 июня 2013 в 23:28 0
I'm American, and I gotta say, I agree with you pretty much. Yes, the US did help quite a bit, but Russia, was incredible in fighting in many of the major fronts of the War. The Russians even were responsible for liberating many of the biggest Concentration Camps including Auschwitz. I REALLY liked your Manchuria example you gave, so great. Many people are completely oblivious to that important fact, that was freakin' nice.
gotubeog # 13 июня 2013 в 08:03 0
I'd say that fighting an enemy on the ground, no matter how outnumbered he is, is always braver than dropping nukes from airplanes on hundreds of thousands of civilians :PI mean, those nuke bomber pilots certainly must have felt like valiant heroes for the rest of their lives for what they did.
gotubeog # 14 июня 2013 в 13:06 0
So basically the US decided to murder 200k civilians, men, women, children because the Marines were too scared of the japs?That would summarize the USA pretty well as a bunch of murderous cowards with no honor.
gotubeog # 16 июня 2013 в 23:55 0
Thinking that mainland Japanese would do the same is ridiculous. Those calculations were an excuse fabricated by politicians and the military.
unray2 # 17 июня 2013 в 06:33 0
During winter war, Finland might have won battles but still lost the war (Territory loss).Finland was allied with Germany aswell, thats why they had panzerfaust's to counter Soviet armor. USSR was supported by U.S, Great Britain and Canada with resources was because if USSR was to fall, then axis would win the WW2. US joined the war after japan attacked US, and US ended that war with an A-bomb.
yildun28 # 17 июня 2013 в 08:38 0
1943? That's incorrect. The first supplies, particularly money, reached the USSR late spring 1941. Ultimately millions and millions of tons of supplies reached the USSR.Heaven's sake. You're dogging "US history books"? Give me a break. lol
electron # 17 июня 2013 в 18:22 0
The Allies pushed to Berlin at the same time as the Russians because the Russians killed absolutely everyone in their path - they didn't want the Soviets to complete wipe out Germany in revenge for Hitler's invasion of Russia, so they tried to get there first, a waste of life would have been letting Russia do it all.
r-l # 17 июня 2013 в 21:23 0
Yea I mean stallin definitely never had any concentration camps of his own...and he certainly never helped hitler...you fucking idiot.
panca # 18 июня 2013 в 10:49 0
otherwise about america, all of them movies is almost all propaganda movies. you can watch the movies from decade to decade. every 10 years, american movies make differs show on the movies. all related with them war condition. likes in 1980s the russian is always the enemy and at 2000s the arabs is the enemy. and the cooldown era is always talk about "anti-war" movies. if you not believe, just shorts the themes about war movies at arounds those time. make it long, and watch the trends
megaedwa # 18 июня 2013 в 15:50 0
Russians create new history-I think this movie gonna be another propaganda film,like everything in russia.They forget about pact with hitler,about 17 september,Katy and manny others crimes what they did.Comunism killed more peoplle than nazizm.
corpse66 # 19 июня 2013 в 09:09 0
Soviets were worst than nazis everybody should know the truth....
corpse66 # 19 июня 2013 в 11:14 0
bbqlou19 # 19 июня 2013 в 13:05 0
The Soviets didn't have assembly lines of death like the Nazis did.
billy # 19 июня 2013 в 21:45 0
it will be better Russian made their own WWII film, I fxxing tired of American style war movie, a hero is invincible, German MG42 never hit, hard American solider KIA. I think Russians are not kind, but they wouldn't send soilder do to battlefield and sacrificed for no reason. Otherwise, a country has more population will win.
stathis # 20 июня 2013 в 20:14 0
i like war movies specialy ww2 and this looks great i hope this has some sniper scenes in it.... cant wait
kaizerg # 21 июня 2013 в 11:41 0
Вообще то я не про фильм высказался..и даже не про Федю..а про человека, который тут лил помои на русских и всё русское. И нет..я не из России..поэтому я знаю, что говно - оно везде..
normish7 # 21 июня 2013 в 14:47 0
The song is some kind of cover for "What a wonderfull world"....mby someone knows more specificly? :)
pavel # 21 июня 2013 в 22:16 0
None of the tanks in this trailer is Tiger (there was none in Stalingrad). It is Pz. IV with spaced armor and yes, this kind of armor looks funny (in reality).
jakubas1 # 22 июня 2013 в 04:59 0
name of soundtrack pls !
maxpeshk # 22 июня 2013 в 06:22 0
Америкосы клверкают историю. Фильмы снимают в которых показывают все не так как было. И дети у них в школах проходят мировую историю и ии рассказывают что Америка всех нагнула на второй мировой.
rira388 # 22 июня 2013 в 09:04 0
Glory to the heroes of Russian. We will never forget.
sabrewol # 23 июня 2013 в 01:35 0
1:55 well damn, it looks like the main nazi character lives at the end
allan # 23 июня 2013 в 16:45 0
I can't find it either and nobody knows the version either so if you find it can you send me the name that will be great.
durdenis # 23 июня 2013 в 22:05 0
Неужели это годный российский фильм? Даже не верится как-то.
hern-n # 24 июня 2013 в 02:23 0
habla espaol aweonao!
mphet26 # 24 июня 2013 в 04:52 0
ахахах) пох
alex # 24 июня 2013 в 10:48 0
were can i find it
okjane16 # 24 июня 2013 в 15:03 0
i found on imdb that the cover of "what a wonderful world" is by BRAZZAVILE. Plus it's projected to come out October 3rd this year, but that's only in Russia.
keeperof # 25 июня 2013 в 03:01 0
when the fuck is this coming out!?!
evgenij # 25 июня 2013 в 20:01 0
2:06 - Russians fight, even if they dead. Also look for "Dead Men Attack"
evgenij # 26 июня 2013 в 08:39 0
The battle of Stalingrad - is the bloodiest battle in human history. Approx. more than 2 millions only from USSR and 1 million Third reih (wiki)
franck # 26 июня 2013 в 10:25 0
This is basically Saving Private Ryan being directed by Zack Snyder
ravenwin # 26 июня 2013 в 16:06 0
yeah because the British empire or the Americans didn't do anything. and lets not forget what the western empire (America) did in the cold war and is still doing today.
hunsuppo # 26 июня 2013 в 17:04 0
You think the capitalism is good ?If they take out russia and the communism, then new repressive system gona replace them.In this world nobody is free.Everyone are watched .Free nations ?Only dead mans are free.But they are free forever.
mrshorty # 29 июня 2013 в 17:20 0
I respect the soldiers on both sides. They are just every day men fighting for their countries, and defending their countries, the Russians especially. My great grandfather was a Soviet solider and he died defending his homeland. Don't you fucking call him a "rat" just because you don't like what the USSR stood for and did. They are soldiers, not politicians.
obergfre # 29 июня 2013 в 19:37 0
Seriously. A lot of them weren't even Communist. Most were fighting because it was their homes that were being invaded.
amaxorel # 30 июня 2013 в 03:31 0
you're so funny, patton would have been utterly defeated by zhukov.
tovarish # 30 июня 2013 в 07:05 0
I don't expect subtle analysis from you judging by the above, but thinking a little wouldn't hurt. For example, the US regularly commits crimes against humanity and decency, but I'm reasonable enough not to blame the rank and file for them. Some more food for thought - my people in our war of liberation against Hitler sustained 805 of the casualties and neutralized 85% percent of Germany's war machine. We at any one time engaged well over 120 German divisions compared to 15-20 engaged elsewhere.
greendog # 1 июля 2013 в 00:19 0
Patton was an overzealous fool, and would have been responsible for the deaths of perhaps millions of allies and may have lost the entire continent. luckily the leaders of the allies knew this and avoided such a catastrophe. Don't get me wrong, Patton was a good leader of fighting men, but that is about it.
allan # 1 июля 2013 в 00:46 0
has anyone found the song of this trailer
itzmean # 1 июля 2013 в 15:12 0
So first how many of that are arguing about russian have actually read a ww2 history book written by a soldier that have experienced it all??
vlad # 2 июля 2013 в 00:21 0
I think that there must be made a film about every army in the WW2, including Germany's.WW2 is shown like a war between good and evil, between heroes( SUA) and antagonists ( Germany). But after all, germans solderies were simple humans as well. It wasn't easy for them either to fight and many of them didn't want to fight but it's wasn't like they had a choice, right?
mthrflfr # 2 июля 2013 в 01:57 0
For all those that said they weren't nazi, they were, they walked through buwald to get t
sillivan # 2 июля 2013 в 04:27 0
Опять "по секретным материалам"?
dave # 2 июля 2013 в 04:35 0
Good to see the russians have finally figured out how to make decent movies.. cause lets face it Rocky 4 was shit.
dave # 2 июля 2013 в 05:44 0
No I am English.. and 'fuck' Eisenstein and his backward theories on cinematography.. he should have spent less time trying to suck Stalins cock in my opinion. You wanna see a great film .. go watch 'Time Bandits' or Alien cockend. 'Potempkin' was shit.. You lagged in cultural sciences because you spent all your time and money building bombs and subjugating your own people..If you think this film will fairly represent what happened at stalingrad..THEN YOU ARE FUCKING SIMPLE!!
dave # 2 июля 2013 в 22:55 0
You cheeky cunt.. :D Peruvian Swiss .. Thats a new combination.. whats that like blending a Cabbage with a kiwi fruit.
mike # 3 июля 2013 в 04:50 0
lets hope they show the true side of war,where the Germans soldiers had to eat dead russian soldiers cause they were starving same for the Russians.
thepilex # 3 июля 2013 в 07:52 0
Company of heroes!!! heck yeah!!!
catburgl # 3 июля 2013 в 18:45 0
30 million $ ?Hollywood would have needed 5 times as much money to make that movie. Man, i've waited a long time for a movie like this.
mrosoboe # 4 июля 2013 в 16:24 0
The ending moment was a total facepalm!
tpiom # 4 июля 2013 в 21:38 0
It's really a visually stunning film...
megapooo # 5 июля 2013 в 00:27 0
ferrari5 # 6 июля 2013 в 02:10 0
What is this for a movie?!
jack # 6 июля 2013 в 03:03 0
I am sure you are right, many war crimes were committed by the Wehrmacht and especially the SS. Again you misunderstand, a group of war crimes does not justify every single soldier doing the same. I could also direct you to websites detailing Soviet, British, American, Japanese, Italian, French or any other country that fought and committed war crimes. I am only saying this to prove the point of balance, look up the 'Katyn massacre' of 1940.
robert # 6 июля 2013 в 08:00 0
jak dla mnie super. na pewno pjd na to do kina
derpunkf # 6 июля 2013 в 08:44 0
seriously, wtf? may I kindly remember you who it was to start the holocaust such as WWII?
balnazza # 6 июля 2013 в 19:30 0
(continued)Say what you may,but had not Germany started WWII, then Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin had....both sides saw eachother as threat that had to be eliminated
hcseduar # 6 июля 2013 в 23:27 0
Was Germany who started WWII.Invasion of Poland.September 1939.
natrodi # 6 июля 2013 в 23:41 0
Munich agreement.
thewarri # 7 июля 2013 в 06:36 0
Uhm from what i read and learned, Germany faked the whole Poland invading first thing.....Germany killed Polish troops and dressed them in German uniforms to trick the rest of the world into thinking that their invasion was justified
allan # 9 июля 2013 в 04:20 0
klaymend # 10 июля 2013 в 11:00 0
If you really think so, you got another thought coming, my friend.
reteon1 # 10 июля 2013 в 19:46 0
But after Stalingrad to the Germans began to dawn on them has led to Hitler. But it was too late, had to answer the doorposts and flew their stupid little head in the grave.
reteon1 # 11 июля 2013 в 01:33 0
Вот после Сталинграда до немцев начало доходить куда их привел Гитлер. Но было поздно, за косяки пришлось ответить и полетели их глупые головушки в могилу.
kristian # 11 июля 2013 в 04:39 0
zeonmx # 11 июля 2013 в 12:46 0
You are wrong. Soviet army brought jap imperial army to its knee during Soviet invasion of Manchuria. Over mililion troops surrendered to the Soviet army, and within almost a month, Soviet Union pushed into border of North Korea all the way from inner Mongolia and Manchuria. Jap army was steamrolled like a pastry within TWO WEEKS.
aaron # 12 июля 2013 в 03:06 0
Its funny that no matter where you look...be it a pewdiepie video...a howto video or this trailer...there are never ending arguments about topics that go off the rails.It pains me to see so much hate. Hardly anyone actually talks things through and has a beneficial discussion.Anyway... this movie looks fucking amazing!
beardedh # 12 июля 2013 в 12:48 0
Eh, I'
unit9876 # 12 июля 2013 в 13:05 0
Haha, fuck YOU.
aleksand # 13 июля 2013 в 13:38 0
You are in wrong..,you can't compare the democracy with communism..and why the you think, that we live in democracy? can you call this in our days democracy?I am for the communism..,like others say the "Golden" period..or with other words the time when all people had work,had money and the society wasn't dividedto poor and rich..
jaka # 13 июля 2013 в 16:09 0
What's the name of the song
jack # 14 июля 2013 в 14:26 0
I honestly give up, society will forever call every German that fought villainous, murdering Nazis. And at the same time you idiots still worship the ruthless dictator Joseph Stalin that murdered up to 20 million Russians and Ukrainians so that his paranoia would be cured and that his military expenditure would not subside. But hey, carry on worshiping him just because he was the 'leader' at a time of great need.
vlad # 14 июля 2013 в 16:46 0
Stalin now is not worshiped. He was also hated as Hitler. Sorry for my English))
fieldmar # 15 июля 2013 в 12:57 0
16 million Soviet citizens were killed or died in the occupied territories - it is proven. Someone from hunger, some of the Luftwaffe, someone from abuse Germans. Occupied territory - a huge area. Let's be honest, when the Germans were retreating, then burned whole towns and villages were taken food from the locals. That's all it was. Grandparents who survived is told. Do not confuse the pre-war time!
fieldmar # 16 июля 2013 в 14:56 0
We're talking about wartime ...I wrote about the victims in time of war, and was referring only civilians without soldiers. Soldiers: 8,7 - 13 mln (various sources).Before the war was a huge amount of repression victims, collectivization, and more. About 25 - 30 million victims. Notice I did not write that Stalin was a good politician. It was a dictator and a tyrant.
fieldmar # 16 июля 2013 в 18:38 0
I agree with you.
jack # 18 июля 2013 в 14:31 0
You are talking complete and utter bullshit, I have never heard anywhere that Stalin came to full power in 1939. He was the DE FACTO leader from the mid 1920's all the way to his death in 1953. Stop trying to lecture me by saying I am giving you 'propaganda', the use of that term is so common nowadays, people have no idea what it means. What do they teach in Russia? For heavens sake, read a book that was not written by some ex-communist and read a book written by a proper historian.
jack # 18 июля 2013 в 22:41 0
"Surely he made some mistakes"biggest understatement I've ever heard.
magnus # 19 июля 2013 в 01:04 0
now you're talking of things that made RUSSIA a superpower.. by obtaining the nuclear bomb, USSR started the weapons race with the US, creating loads of dangerous weapons. Imagine if the money which in all those years were used to create more and more WMDs were used on other things like medicine? Stalin (together with the american government) pushed on this meaningless war without using any of the weapons, creating a huge excess of nukes... i don't say this was only stalins fault, but some of it
iaminsan # 19 июля 2013 в 13:20 0
If they were nazists, thay killed both russians (olds, women, children), if they weren't - the same. Where's the difference?.. We can debate for a long time, but if there's no difference what the matter I called german (itaian, romanian...) troops as Nazists. Take it easy.On this picture I see 3 reich officer, and it offends me as minimum, cause I'm Russian. Was this man Nazi, or not, I know in exact he might had been killing 'russian undermen' on an order or not.
jack # 19 июля 2013 в 20:20 0
You are mistaken, and your caps lock is broken. You insist on generalising every German soldier as this horrible man who rapes women. Most German soldiers were told that they were fighting for a good cause, a lot of these were not aware of what the actual purpose was. The ones that did know the true purpose of the regime did not dare question, or they would suffer death without question. Every country committed war crimes, the war did no good for anyone.
karataku # 20 июля 2013 в 04:47 0
Did they also rape women and kill civilians for their country? How the hell did Hitler win election in 1933 if there wasn't any Nazi in german society, german army etc.? I suppose that maybe aliens from Mars helped him...
fieldmar # 20 июля 2013 в 07:21 0
It's Rommel? I could be wrong. Field Marshal Rommel - the great commander."Most German soldiers fought for their COUNTRY, not Nazism."On my land! The Germans believe that all Russian - Communists. All russians did not fight for communism, not for the country and not for Stalin. Russians fought for his MOTHERLAND!!!
francis # 20 июля 2013 в 08:11 0
Guys the past is the past stuff happens and its sad so no need to argue, just chill guys, here take my joint
shirok # 20 июля 2013 в 15:22 0
да но за свою страну боряться в своей стране а не в 2 000 километров захватывая чужую терреторию и убивая!!!
eric # 20 июля 2013 в 22:02 0
I'm glad someone has some common sense I'm German-American but everybody calls me a nazi for no reason and i keep trying to tell them the Germans mainly fought because they wanted revenge on France for taking their land and money during WW1 (which was a gaint cluster fuck) and not just for the Nazism view besides I shouldn't try to convince these people half of them think the russians fought on the Nazis' side (no joke)
misc77 # 20 июля 2013 в 23:59 0
Agreed too many people still think that German=Nazi but that just wasn't the case. Nazism is a pretty strong belief set & it's just common sense that not every enlisted German soldier would have those same beliefs. There's even accounts of Americans fighting for the Nazis because their parents were German & sent them back to answer Hitler's 'call to arms'. Then there was the British Free Corps consisting of POWs from several allied nations, that fought for the Waffen SS. I doubt any were 'Nazis'
hhhppp8 # 21 июля 2013 в 10:02 0
But after all the USA shot for some reason "5 days in August". And you showed it.
victor # 22 июля 2013 в 00:20 0
lol, by backwards you mean providing far superior education and healthcare than in the west? Go fuck yourself
victor # 22 июля 2013 в 11:10 0
Well no shit, that's what you get when you go and invade other countries.
simon # 22 июля 2013 в 12:16 0
i dont think you understand what the treaty of versalies was it was not broke by the allies as there where no allies as such then the treaty was broke by germany when they started to rearm and invade poland many nations did not get involved as they believed germany was only taking back what was theres before the sighing of the treaty of versailles the then USSR was helping germany take poland which prompted the uk to declare war the nazi killing of the jews started in the 1930 before the war
victor # 22 июля 2013 в 23:13 0
I am sorry, but we don't give a flying fuck about german soldiers. Watch another movie.
victor # 24 июля 2013 в 06:41 0
Nazi sympathizer huh?
jack # 24 июля 2013 в 21:34 0
Do me a favour, and read some history books.
thetotte # 24 июля 2013 в 23:33 0
could anyone link to the that version to the song thanks ?
daredemo # 25 июля 2013 в 21:14 0
I hate technical details that get it pretty wrong but at least there weren't any leopard 2s
alexmcfl # 26 июля 2013 в 00:52 0
Вспомнился американский фильм "Враг у ворот", и немецкий Stalingrad 1993 года. Обязательно посмотрю версию событий от Бондарчука.
imperial # 26 июля 2013 в 18:47 0
More important is the kill ratio.
krepost # 26 июля 2013 в 20:31 0
чурка, усни!
osman # 27 июля 2013 в 10:16 0
film ne zaman gsterime giriyor lan?
saxontru # 27 июля 2013 в 13:42 0
Who are these new recruits you are talking about? The germans planned exterminating all of the slavic population in East Europe had they won against. Where would they find new recruits so they could invade USA? The whole idea is laughable, like yourself.
saxontru # 27 июля 2013 в 14:20 0
The fascists from other countries joined to crush the communists, they created so-called freikorps or joined the Waffen SS. If Germany had crushed USSR, this volunteers would have ventured back to their home countries again, not invade USA. The population of USA is/was too large for Nazi-Germany too handle, they had no interest in conquering it.
aomi # 27 июля 2013 в 15:43 0
Уёбок блять. А кем по твоему были фашики? Освободителями чтоли? Минусите этого пидораса!!!
victor # 28 июля 2013 в 02:09 0
Поверь, как то похуй на то, что они были 'просто солдатами'.
deividas # 28 июля 2013 в 07:06 0
Voinu vygrali sojuzniki. Nebilo bi Angliji i Ameriki, Rossija pala bi. Nebilo bi Rossiji, Anglija neviderzala bi. A Merika bila bi oresnina. Nenado nedaocenivat muzestvo liudei plivsih i ne gruzavije koroblia cerez Atlantiku. nelzia neocenivat hrabrim pilotam Spitfajerov. Nelzia nedoocenivat pavsim pri Staliningrade i Kurske. Hrabra liudi borolis s obejeh storon. Potomu sto verili vto semu ih natravili. Priznaite, sto i nemci zascisciali Berlin muzestvo.
igor # 29 июля 2013 в 01:03 0
А вы, батька, историю видимо не учили. Введите в гугле "Директива об особой подсудности в районе Барбаросса" и подумайте была это инициатива солдат или приказ? Война с Россией отличалась от боевых действий на территории Европы.
joey # 29 июля 2013 в 07:04 0
Russians were some tough bastards back then
nick # 30 июля 2013 в 15:44 0
Please dont talk about this shit unless you actually know this shit. Germany would have had enough manpower to invade the U.S. 10x over if they had beat Russia in 1941 and the reason why alot of eastern Europe was destroyed was because the Germans were killing everybody to make room for 'living space' for the Aryan race. Stalin didnt help this by creating collective farms in these country's but that wasn't the Russians fault. After Stalin had died his successor had started the de-stalinization.
allan # 31 июля 2013 в 15:45 0
what the name of the song?
allan # 31 июля 2013 в 23:34 0
i know the name of the song sorry i should of had put by who i just can't find the right one denka tho for the help
jarila # 2 августа 2013 в 01:09 0
страшно даже и представить чего там Федя наснимал
hajtomy # 2 августа 2013 в 12:40 0
Germany invaded under orders of Hitler. they have no business there.
victor # 2 августа 2013 в 20:37 0
lol, this coming from a guy who has ss runes as his avatar. Go jump off the bridge.
kurtslad # 2 августа 2013 в 22:55 0
Hes just an electrician... chill off dude
ww2model # 4 августа 2013 в 12:02 0
must find pirate feed !